In The Boston Globe: Graduate Programs Must Reflect the World They Study

On March 11, 2019, The Boston Globe published my letter to the editor about the inadequate diversity of Harvard University’s graduate school population. I wrote:
Kudos to Deirdre Fernandes for not allowing the diversity of Harvard’s undergraduate college to obscure broader failures (“Diversity lags at Harvard’s grad schools,” Page A1, March 3). The schools must make increasing financial aid a priority if they are truly to promote learning across race and class. While international diversity enriches our community, few international students seem to be from the lowest-income brackets in their home countries. Many graduate courses treat cities across Massachusetts and throughout the country as living laboratories, but the university requires neither training in intercultural communication nor grounding in the history of race, class, and gender conflict in this country. We could all benefit from more of this. Read the rest in The Boston Globe >


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